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Track My Order

To track your package delivery you need to click "" to open the order detail page.

The status of your package will start to show "Supplier prepare Shipment".

Once the package ships out the status will show "Package Transit To Warehouse", the transit time will normally take 1-3 working days.

When the package arrives at the warehouse the status will show "Arrived Warehouse & QC Photo Updated", now you can click on it to view the actual product photo of your order.

As soon as our team finished QC product and repacked in perfect condition, then the status will show "Ready To Ship".

When the status changed to "Shipped" that means your package has already been handled to international shipping. Please click on "Shipped".

Then you will be able to view the tracking details of the package. If you cannot view your tracking information, please copy the tracking number and use it to track on https://www.17track.net/en

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